Changes For 2015 Season

Changes for the 2015 season…B.A.S.S. has restructured the divisional team and National Championship structure.  For 2015 B.A.S.S. will be taking 22 people to the divisional tournament 10 boaters/10 riders and two alternates.

Anglers may still sign up as a boater or a rider throughout the year, accumulate points as normal and thus qualify for the classic as in past years.  Once you are qualified for the Pa B.A.S.S. Nation classic as a boater or rider, this is how you will advance throughout the process.  In the divisional and B.A.S.S. national championship you will continue on as a boater or rider, whichever you fished the PA classic as.

The number of qualifiers from each district and state circuit will be announced at the spring state meeting.

The payout schedule for the Divisional team will also be announced at the spring state meeting.

The tournament fees will be $125 per state event and the state classic will be $150 per anglers.

Keep a eye on our site for the official press release from B.A.S.S. on this.