College Qualifier Results

PA B.A.S.S. Nation College Qualifier was held Sunday, July 25, 2021. See the results below. Thanks to everyone who participated in the event and congrats to the winning team!
1st: WVU – Garret Thompson and Ethan Perry 13.52lbs
2nd: Ohio State – Patrick Henry amd Colton Lindsey 12.05lbs
3rd: Kent State – Jacob Klicman and Ryan Franks 11.83lbs
4th: Penn State – Aiden Gordinier and Eric Wawrzyniak 8.22lbs
5th: Penn State – Jason Zubris 7.70lbs
6th: Kent State – Josh Kelly 0.0
Lunker: WVU Garret Thompson and Ethan Perry 5.28lbs