Raystown Lake Events Rescheduled

The canceled Raystown Lake Event has been rescheduled. The new date for this event will be October 12, 2024.

ALL entries from the original event (April 6) will be transferred to this event.

Anglers have until June 1, 2024 to notify PABN if they would like a refund. In order to receive your refund you must send a email to president@pabassnation.com stating they would like a refund, whether you were a boater or co angler and what address to send it to.

Boaters will receive $150 refund and co-anglers will receive a $100 refund.

For the team trail event, the new date will be October 13 at Raystown Lake. All pre-paid entries for the canceled event have been already been contacted by phone. Please consider sticking around and fishing will us on that Sunday.

We will be using the 7 Points access for this event.