New for 2020: Return of the “State Team Event”

New for 2020 will be the return of the “state team event”.  It has been a few years since we have hosted this event; it was always a great event, but participation slowed and the event didn’t carry on.  So that being said we are going to try to host this event again and hope the clubs sign up and enjoy it.  For 2020 the event will be held on the Mon River out of the Labelle Access in the 10 Mile Pool on July 12, 2020.  The format will be as follows:

  • A club will send a 6 man team (entry fee will be $600 per team)  there will be a separate lunker fee.
  • The team members will fish together as a buddy format (2 anglers per boat).
  • Best 5 fish per boat will be weighed (12″ inch minimum length).
  • All three boats per club team will weigh in together and the total weight of their 15 fish limit will be added up for a combined weight and your clubs total.
  • Highest team weight will be your champions.
  • This event will be for cash and prizes only.

A club can send as many 6 man teams as they like…each 6 man team will be their own entry and weighed in as a separate club  (for example, Mingo Creek Anglers Team A and Mingo Creek Anglers Team B).

There will be a strict 2 week cut off for this event. If we do not have 6 club teams signed up will we cancel this event and refund all money.

The sign up for this event will be paper applications only that can be found on our tournament page; sign up for this event and all events will start February 14, 2020. The cut off for this event will be June 28, 2010.

Any questions on this event or format please reach out to Josh Giran or Derek Severns.