2018 PA B.A.S.S. Nation Youth Events & Championship

For the 2018 season the PA B.A.S.S. Nation will hold two qualifying events and then the Youth Championship.

There will be a West event held at Yough Dam on June 30. The East the event will be held at Harvey’s Lake on August 18.

The 2018 Youth Championship will be held at Raystown Lake and will have 30 total spots awarded from these two qualifiers. The date for the 2018 Youth Championship is September 29-30.

Please check the Youth Events page and or the Message Board for updates to upcoming youth events.

Also, we are still looking for someone to help out with the youth program in the West.

Any questions regarding youth events or to help with the youth programs in the West, please contact Ernie Watkins via email (mailto:youth@pabassnation.com) or call him at 717-315-8951.