2016 B.A.S.S. Nation NATIONAL Dues

Here is how the 2016 NATIONAL dues will go, they can be sent/signed up for online anytime after 8/31/15 and are due now.

National B.A.S.S. dues will remain at $30 per member. At the end of the year, August 31, 2016, B.A.S.S. will run a club report and based on the number of members in each club, the clubs may get a rebate for each member on their roster. Below is the formula for how rebates would be determined:

6-12 members – NO REBATE
13-20 members – $3 per member rebate
21 and over – $5 per member rebate

Clubs do not have to notify B.A.S.S. or apply for this rebate. Clubs should receive the rebate, if they qualify, before Thanksgiving each year. Again this is for B.A.S.S. NATIONAL dues only, your state dues remain the same at 40.00 and will be sent into the state membership director.